Avoiding Bias While Reporting News

One of the key ethics of journalism is remaining unbiased while reporting news, particularly when it comes to matters of a personal nature, crime, and death. Yet more and more often it seems news writers push this ethic aside in exchange for another: the emotional ethic. Writers seem to seek out the emotional response certain […]

Do You Have a Negative Relationship with a Friend?

At some point in our lives, we have all looked at a friend in a different light, almost as if we did not know them as we thought we did. Unexpected reactions in certain situations have given pause to the idea that this friend is someone we could trust and depend on. How do we […]

6 Cheap Beauty Products Loved by Celebrity Women

Celebrity women look great, right? But how many of us can afford serums at $600 an ounce? Not to worry. There are beauty products that some celebrities use that are available right at your drugstore. When a celebrity who makes millions, and who can afford any beauty product she wants, chooses a product that ordinary […]

Careful What You Wish For

The room wasn’t completely shrouded in darkness. Flames were flickering and wavering from candles, giving the place a warm, mellow, inviting glow. Jutting out slightly from the center of each wall, were thick, faceted, cut-glass candle holders, hanging in suspension from brass chains. The eastern wall was lit with a bright canary-yellow candle; the southern […]

Meet Miss America 2007

“I’ve been watching Miss America on television since I was a little girl, never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I would be Miss America.” These were the words of Lauren Nelson not long after she was crowned Miss America 2007 in Las Vegas on January 29, 2007, winning a $50,000 scholarship. She […]

HIV Rape Gang Shocks the Netherlands

The internet just became a little more scarier for those in the Netherlands today. As reported by AFP, a homosexual gang that allegedly rapes victims is using the world wide web to lure its victims. It is alleged that the gang drugs and infects the victims with the HIV virus. On Wednesday, police said they […]

Miami Dolphins Training Camp Update – Receivers

The Miami Dolphins enter the 2007 season with a solid receiving corp that will soon become even more solid with some decent rookie additions. Chris Chambers will again lead the Dolphins as the number one receiver on the roster. The team acquired two rookies in the off season to bolster the depth at the position […]

What a Drag

It had come to this. I wasn’t going to be a hero to myself; others maybe. I’ve been living a miserable existence and I knew there was one way to make it better. As I walked the night, the mist became alive beneath the dancing glow of the yellow street lights. Cars rumbled past splashing […]

Holidays on Earth Today: December 23, 2007

Holidays are such an important part of each countries tradition along with supporting its culture. Some of the most popular holidays on earth either revolve around the Christian belief such as Easter and Christmas however there are other popular ones such as Independence Day, New Year Day, and Valentines and so on. Then there are […]

Why Do Witches Dress so Differently from Other People?

Witches, like all humans, wear the colors that appeal to the individual’s personal preference. What this means is that Witches who wear black, wear black because they enjoy doing so. Do all Witches wear black? No. In fact, most do not have any black in their wardrobe at all. In my experience, the colors that […]