Is Barry Bonds Guilty Because He Didn’t Sue?

Last week Curt Schilling decided it has been too long since he has stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong. Curt Schilling just hasn’t met his quota of stupid comments for this month. So he went on Bob Costas’ HBO show. During the interview Curt Schilling said that since Mark McGwire didn’t deny he took […]

West Virginia, Missouri Fall: Puts BCS in Utter Chaos

It was all figured out that West Virginia would either play Missouri or Ohio State in the National Championship in college football. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the Pittsburgh Panthers that they were 28 point underdogs and weren’t supposed to even be close in this game. Then with about 5:43 left in the 2nd quarter […]

Iowa Caucus Results: Predictions from Omaha

We Omahans in Nebraska can hear the talking of Iowa residents on the news daily. Some of us even wish our vote could be cast across the river where it will count. Prior to the last presidential election I walked around in downtown Sioux CIty, IA asking residents to sign up to vote. The reasoning […]

The Career of Walter Matthau – My Favorite Actor

“I never mind my wife having the last word. In fact, I’m thrilledwhen she finally gets to it.” Walter Matthau – When asked about arguments with his wife. “I love working with Lemmon. The problem on this picture is that beside it being winter in Minnesota, I have to room with him and he keeps […]

Ragging Interior Bathroom Walls for Your Garden Decor

Ragging Interior Bathroom Walls for Your Garden Decor Does your bathroom need some sprucing up with a an outdoor garden decor theme? Easily use this subtle ragging method to create the perfect backdrop for a garden decor bathroom. Bring in an understated combination of green hues to create a natural and “green” garden decor space […]

Presidential Candidate John Edwards Campaigns in New Hampshire

Being a resident in New Hampshire around election time can be very exciting. I have lived in New Hampshire all my life and not to many big events happen. Citizens from all over the state look forward to meeting the presidential candidates and are ready to jump in and campaign. The most hopping area for […]

Various Forms of Chocolate

What is your favorite type of chocolate? Were you aware that there are several types from which to choose your favorite? You will not be able to identify your favorite without first trying all them. What a fun test to take with your children or special someone. Test them all out at home or take […]