Five Tips for Holistic Skin Care

You need more than lotions and creams to make your skin look really beautiful. Holistic skin care focuses on making your skin look youthful and radiant. If you want to experiment with this, there are a few tips that will help you out. This article will give you five tips for holistic skin care. Exercise […]

Be More Careful of Sand Than Sharks at the Ocean

When most people think dangers on the beach, they think undertows or sharks or stingrays. Most people don’t realize that sand can be a killer, too. Over two dozen people have been killed over the past 10 years when sand holes collapsed in on them, according to father-and-son doctors who have begun a personal campaign […]

Who Won a Shot at Love with Tila Tequila?

Disclaimer: Do not read this article if you have the finale of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila waiting for you on your TiVo or your DVR. This article does reveal who Tila picks in the last episode, and who won A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila. MTV’s A Shot at Love With […]

Food Aid Distributed to Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic

The United Nations World Food Program is distributing food to people affected by Tropical Storm Noel in the countries of Haiti, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Food is being transported from WFP facilities in Barbados and El Salvador to countries which were hit by the storm. According to a United Nations press release issued on […]

How to Teach a Child to Cross Stitch

If your child (or grandchild), who loves to watch you cross-stitch, asks, “Mommy, teach me to stitch,” what should you do? When Should You Teach Your Child to Stitch? Make your decision on your child’s enthusiasm, as well as physical and mental ability to start learning. At first, you may be tempted to tell her, […]

The Horror of Watching My Dog Attack a Cat

Walking my dog is one of my more cherished activities. It’s a chance for me to unwind from the day’s stress, get a little fresh air and exercise, and a chance for my dog to get a little “away from home” time. I have a few different routes that I like to take. The neighborhood […]

Tips for Creating Faux Rocks and Boulders

Rocks or boulders are a natural product. They are beautiful in their own right. Often sold by the pound-they can be quite expensive. When you wish to add them to landscaping or ponds: they can be heavy to move around. Now you too can be a rock maker with just a few supplies. Bagged cement […]

Wilton Stencil-A-Cookie Kits: Cookie Decorating Made Easy

Is there any better scent to come home to than fresh baked cookies? If you ask me, there certainly isn’t Sadly, time never seems to be something in abundance for most people so making cookies from scratch is usually a rarity. Even if you do manage to whip up a batch of cookies, decorating them […]

Creamy Holiday Cocktails!

This holiday season, as you are heading to visit the family, pick up some of these ingredients and have some creamy cocktails. All of these recipes that I have included are yummy and rich and creamy and perfect for the holiday season. I enjoy a cocktail during the holidays just like many others. I also […]

Did Early Indians Make Beer?

Who were the first people to make beer? Many archeologists have been under the presumption that Europeans introduced this delight to the tribes of the American Southwest. Archeologists studying areas of New Mexico believe that Indians and native peoples had been fermenting beverages, and making beer, long before Europeans arrived on the scene. Glenna Dean, […]