Modern and Contemporary American Drama and the American Dream

“What happens to a dream deferred? / Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? / Or fester like a sore–and then run?”- Langston Hughes. It was from this line of poetry by acclaimed African-American poet, Langston Hughes, that Lorraine Hansberry choice the title of her award winning play (and later film). It […]

The Short, Unhappy Life of England’s King Edward VI

England’s King Edward VI began life as the hope of an entire nation; the male heir that Henry VIII at long last produced after a series of unfortunate marriages ending in a couple of beheadings and a divorce that completely changed the religious map of England. Unfortunately for Edward especially, but really almost all concerned, […]

Halloween Crafts: How to Make Your Own Pop Up Cards

You can make your own pop up greeting cards or party invitations by using these easy instructions. Pop up cards are fun for any holiday or occasion. To make your pop up cards start with half a sheet of construction paper folded in half to make a card shape. When you are making pop up […]

Conservatives Parallel Nazi Tactics

Back in 1938, the German people were sick and tired of being sick and tired. They had had their traditional monarchical government forcibly removed and replaced with what appeared to them to be an impractical, inefficient, and cumbersome joke: the Weimar Republic. They had endured the Great Depression and economically stifling war reparations payments. They […]

Pet Product Review: Ora-Clens Dental Rinse

Oral hygiene is an important part of a dog’s life. Studies have been done where 85% of pets that are at adult age have periodontal disease. Pets who are suffering from this can experience bad breath along with tooth loss. The bacteria from this disease can travel through your pet’s blood and affect organs such […]

Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?

Many friends of felines have claimed that our feline furry companions have nine lives. There have been instances where a cat has fallen from a very high place and survived. Many cat lovers would say that the feline just used up one of its nine lives. It seems we hear about cats and their nine […]

Doctor or Chiropractor – Which is Best for Your Aching Back?

I have used Chiropractors pretty often and Orthopedic Doctors as well. When a person has a back problem they are forced to make a choice between these two types of practitioners. The wrong choice can result in not only more pain than you began with, but also great expense. Some people make the decision based […]

Hair Care Basics: Tips for Shampooing the Salon-Style Way

Is your hair dry and frazzled? Or oily and limp? Do you have to fight tangles every time you wash your hair? Surprisingly, a lot of the problems you might be having with your hair could be caused by the way you shampoo it. And making a few minor changes in the way you wash […]