Ten Most Important Big East College Football Games in 2007

The ACC seems to not have a very dominant team this year. The Big 12 looks like a two team conference and the way they are playing right now Oklahoma might even cruise through Texas. The Big Ten has really fallen on hard times with Michigan losing twice already, Penn State losing to Michigan and […]

Unique Christmas Gifts that Will Be Remembered

Were you surprised to find the picture frame you lovingly picked out for your Aunt Ethel is being used as a water tray underneath her prize violet plant? Do you suspect the Christmas gifts you have been giving are secretly stashed away in closets until your yearly visit? Tired of giving the proverbial tie, sweater […]

How 2008 Presidential Candidates Can Use Myspace Tools to Boost Votes

Myspace Codes and Banners increase exposure.While browsing through a few Myspace pages, I came across the profile for Hillary Clinton. It featured a variety of banners and codes that Myspace members could use to add graphics to their profiles in support for this 2008 Presidential Candidate. This is very normal behavior given that many bands […]

Frigidaire 40″ Freestanding Electric Range Review

If you think you can’t find a great electric range for under $1,500 than you simply aren’t looking hard enough. There are plenty of luxury electric ranges within the industry for under this price limit and some of them are actually better than their counterparts that can cost over three thousand dollars. A great example […]

Exploring New Braunfels, Texas: Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Did you know that the small city of New Braunfels,Texas is home to the number one waterpark in the world? It’s called Schlitterbahn, and you really should visit it if you get the chance. In this article, I will talk about what you can do at Schlitterbahn. As I stated above, Schlitterbahn is located in […]

Viking 21.6 Cu. Ft. Professional Series Refrigerator Review

When you’re looking to buy a new refrigerator, there are several options you can choose from. However, if you are like most you want to have your new refrigerator last for many years. Since we use our refrigerators all throughout the day, you will want to have a product that will save you energy costs […]

Community Theater For Your Kids

Summer theater plays are good for kids that don’t have school to go to in the summer. A local community theater can be a great place for kids to spend time in the summer. Putting on a local play is fun and educational. A child can show all there talents by being in a local […]

2007-08 ACC Women’s Basketball Preview

The 2007-08 Women’s college basketball season is upon us and the ACC has several teams that are capable of making an impact. With six teams playing in the tournament last season, this year will likely be an encore of sorts. Many of the top teams in the ACC will return to the big dance and […]


The thought of you, with unkempt eyebrows that look like bushes entwined together in an unending cycle. I heard you when you laughed at something I found so remorseful. You are a hero in the eyes of those who don’t see your faults. Somewhere there is a crack in your brain and you mock me […]

How to Rent a House in Jackson, Wyoming

With ski season rapidly approaching, people are planning vacations to Jackson, Wyoming, one of our nations top ski resorts. Each season Jackson Wyoming has seen a larger increase in tourism than it has in housing, which will make finding a rental house for this season a difficult task. Start searching early: To avoid paying inflated […]