How to Make a Pair of Eyeballs Halloween Costume

This article I will tell you how you can make a Halloween costume for a pair or a couple. It is called the Eyeballs Halloween costume. The Eyeballs Halloween costume is a quite simple and inexpensive Halloween costume for you to create. The Eyeballs Halloween costume can be worn by children as well as adults. […]

Is This the Year of the Upset?

Realistically, Indianapolis should have beaten San Diego. Also, realistically, the Cowboys should have beaten the Giants. And Realistically, Indy should be pounding it out with New England in the AFC Title game and the Cowboys should be getting frostbitten at the frozen tundra of Green Bay in the NFC matchup. However, the divisional rounds of […]

Half of Eligible Poor Don’t Get Food Stamps, Study Says

Although more of the nation’s eligible poor have been getting food stamps, a new study from the National Priorities Project indicates that half still do not. Missouri tops the list in successfully getting food stamps to its eligible poor at 71.5% while Nevada is dead last, number 50 with 32% of eligible residents on the […]

Find a July Activity in New York

When the heat of July sneaks into the cities, an you are looking for relaxing things to do, places to get away and enjoy some fun activities, New York has several options that can turn July into what you want it to be. In the city or the country, there will be a New York […]

Overcome with Loneliness

I’m overcome with loneliness as I sit staring into space and wondering what next to put down, knowing full well that this is just my way to fill up that empty space that has never been filled. Pathetic, I know, but its the truth and all know now is the truth, skewed as it may […]

How to Craft a Silk Flower Framed Country Mirror

If your home is decorated in a country style, you might like a silk flower framed mirror. This mirror is perfect for hanging on the wall in your bedroom or living room. Follow these easy instructions to create a silk flower framed country mirror in your choice of colors and styles. Materials Needed for the […]

Home Safety Tips: 12 Ways to Keep a Home Safe from Criminals

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, it is always a good idea to practice home safety tips. Recent study shows that a lot of crimes are being committed in people’s residences- burglaries, armed robberies, and home invasions to name a few. I would like to share a few tips that I have learned […]

Living with Parkinson’s

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in July of 2004. I was put into a sort of daze when I was told that I indeed was suffering the effects of Parkinson’s. I had been aware of symptoms for about a year and a half prior to my actually having it checked, and somehow, I knew it […]

A Memorable Traffic Stop: A Humorous Law Enforcement Story

The streets of north Greenville were unusually quiet and serene that spring evening. I was making my rounds, watching for signs of burglaries and checking the alleys behind the businesses along Lee Street, the old main thoroughfare through downtown. I’d been looking to the right down a side alley, and then turned my sight forward […]