Feminine Hygiene: Confronting Your Questions, Getting Answers

Gynecological problems are never a woman’s best friend. But what steps can you take to possibly avoid a potentially embarrassing trip to your physician? As much as we tell ourselves that our physicians deal with these types of issues everyday, it still isn’t always easy to confront your burning and itching questions with someone who […]

Schools Cracking Down on Underage Drinking

As being reported in USA TODAY more and more high schools are utilizing breathalyzers at school functions such as proms, football games, and dances. According to Keith Nothacker, president of KHN Solutions, a company that sells the breathalyzers, high school orders have risen approximately 120%. The explanation for the dramatic increase may be due to […]

Unwanted Sexual Harassment at Work – What You Need to Do

Both male and females can be victims of unwanted sexual advancements or sexual verbal statements in the workplace. Most companies have policies that try to prevent the sexual harassment in the workplace, sometimes that isn’t enough. If you are uncomfortable at your workplace because of sexual harassment there are some things that you should do […]

Gluten Free Snacks: Nana’s Cookie Bars and Bites

You may have seen these gluten free snacks for kids on the shopping network or possibly at a friend’s home that has children. The first introduction to Nana’s Cookie Bars and Bites was at a friend’s home that runs a local gym. Where parents are interested in healthy eating and passing this concept along to […]

Christmas Horror Movies: For Those Who Enjoy a Holiday Scare

Christmas is the time of the year when everything is holly, and jolly, and gay…but some of us…some of us cannot stand everyones happy little rose blushed faces, some of us like darker things…but this does not mean we don’t love to love Christmas. It also does not mean we are subjected to all that […]

How to Make Snow Ice Cream

Although snow can come unexpectedly and mess up some grown-up plans, such as driving to work stress-free, kids will tell you snow is very beneficial, necessary and FUN. There really are a lot of fun things to do when it snows. Fun things such as catching up on your sleep, watching old black and white […]

Story Writing Tips: How to Build a Story from Scratch

To create a story, the ingredients that a writer needs to use and combine are plot, setting, characters point of view, narrative, scenes, the type of stories, form and structure. In order to write a successful, marketable short story, writers must know and understand each one of these vital parts of a story. Plot: Plot […]

I Cannot Decide Which Candidate is Less Evil, Rudy or Hillary

With all of the talk in the mainstream media it seems apparent that our Presidential candidates in the 2008 election will be Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. The major news networks are determined to have these two candidates force fed to the public. The general consensus with the voting public is, “If these are the […]

Sodom and Gomorrah: Has Archeology Found Proof of the Bible Tale?

Many skeptics of the Bible also dismiss any or all of its contents. Some think the book is just that; a wonderful book full of interesting fictional stories. But are the stories of the Bible fictional accounts, misinterpretations of events, or could they actually hold factual information? Recently, I did an article entitled “Did the […]

Argyria and Colloidal Silver

When the new millennium was approaching, senatorial candidate Stan Jones decided that if antibiotics wouldn’t be available after the new year, he’d have to do the next best thing. He started regularly ingesting a health compound to keep himself free of infections. Whether it did that is unknown, but it did have one unintended side […]