Tips for Participating in an Online Class

If participating in an online class, it is best to think of it as just another class. If you think that you will have less work, less stress, and more time on your hands if enrolled in an online class, think again. Most students work harder in an online class than in a traditional classroom […]

The King Ranch in Texas, Largest Spread in the Country

wTexans likes things big, and they don’t make things much bigger then the King Ranch. Currently covering 825,000 acres of south Texas cow country covering much of six county’s between Corpus Christie and Brownsville. The King Ranch was founded in 1853 by Captain Richard King a river boat Captain and Gideon Lewis, a Captain with […]

They Fight for You and Me

They fight for you and me, with their heads always held high,So high that if they stretched, they could see above the sky. These men and women are proud, they are proud to serve you, When all hope fails, these people know what to do. They stand tall, disciplined. and are always ready, They hold […]

Homeschooling Through High School

Can you homeschool all the way through high school? YES! Can you prepare your child for college, career, and real life? YES! We home-educated two children from 7th grade through high school. Our son chose to work hard, graduate 3 months early, and start a career in sales. He’s considering college in the future. Our […]

The Rules of Office Kitchen Etiquette

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ve probably seen quite a lack of office kitchen etiquette. You know what I mean: Dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs or other leftover food particles all over the kitchen counter or the table, about two spoonfuls of coffee left in the coffee pot, filling the office kitchen […]

Misconceptions About Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the more common diseases today, and the numbers are increasing. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are a little over 20 million children and adults in the United States who have diabetes. While about 14.6 million have been officially diagnosed with diabetes, 6.2 million people are unaware that they have […]

Ideas Require Application

Pondering the nature of existence and discovering truth are crucially important. The question is, why are they important? Too often, intellectuals have answered that we ought to study truth for its own sake and obtain comprehension for the purpose of obtaining comprehension. This answer leads nowhere. Let us posit an individual who has ventured on […]

Review of Yogos Rollers and Yogos Bits by Kellogg

If you’re looking for a healthy fun snack consider Kellogg’s Yogos Rollers and Yogos Bits. While strolling down the sweets aisle at the grocery store my attention was drawn to two new products I had never seen before: Yogos Rollers, fruit flavored rolls, and Yogos Bits, tiny yogurt covered fruit flavored bits. These Kellogg’s products […]